Rosa Radom

ROSA means a group of construction and investment companies, professionally prepared technical and office personnel, specialized production workers, an extensive, modern hardware base and technical facilities. First of companies was established in 2000.

For several years, we have been shaping the internal structures. Currently, we can enumerate 4 pillars on which the group’s activity is based.

ROSA BUD – General contracting, general construction services

ROSA INVEST – Reale state development services

ROSA HALE – General contracting, industrial construction

ROSA MET – Steel structures, moving works transport systems, fender rails

Owing to precisely prepared development plans we were able to devote substantial resources for training sessions of the first basketball team, which led it to the promotion to the Polish First Division and FIBA Europe Cup. We also managed to create a perfect training system for children and youth. Thanks to this we also have a successful team in the second league, bronze medalists in competitions for children and Champions Polish Junior U20.

Polish Cup

Winner: 2016

Finalist: 2015

Polish Championship

Vice-champion : 2016

Polish Supercup

Winner: 2016

Finalist: 2015