I warmly welcome all coaches, players, enthusiasts and basketball fans who have visited the Rosa Cup Tournament website.

The history of the Rosa Cup Tournament began in 2016. Our goal and ambition is to organize a youth tournament for boys in the U-16 or U-18 category every year, at a high level in terms of both sport and organization. The tournament will be played in 2/3 week of September in an international gathering of 16 top club teams from all over Europe. In addition to the sports competition, we anticipate many prizes and attractions for all participants.

Each team will play six matches during the four days of the tournament. Lively but friendly rivalry can be expected amongst the competing players and teams of the same age representing various European countries and will be certainly conducive to the sport development of both players and teams. It will also be an opportunity to compare skill levels and act as a review of young prospective basketball talents. It is worth mentioning that the tournament will be judged by high-ranking arbiters participating in a pre-season referee camp that is happening at the same time as the Rosa Cup Tournament. During the tournament, we plan to organize a mini coaching clinic, to which we will invite outstanding trainers with recognized training achievements. I also hope that the tournament will be an opportunity to meet trainers, exchange experiences and the possibility of establishing sports and personal contacts. I strongly believe that the tournament will permanently enter the sports calendar and will be an important stage of preparation and pre- season checking of teams before the new season.

I sincerely hope that I have managed to get you interested and encourage you to participate in this sports project. I actively invite you to read the results from previous editions and to view the photo gallery.

I assure you that we will do our best to make your participation in the tournament more than meet your expectations, provide you with many unforgettable impressions, experiences and training benefits.

I cordially invite you to take part in the Rosa Cup tournament

General Director of the Tournament

Robert Bartkiewicz


International Men’s Basketball Tournament

  1. The organizer of the Third International Basketball Tournament „ROSA CUP 2018” are Radom City and The Rosa Sport Club Radom.
  2. The Basketball Tournament Rosa Cup 2018 will be held from 12.09.2018 to 16.09.2018.
  3. The tournament is intended for boys born 2003 and younger (U-16)
  4. The tournament is scheduled for 16 teams from all over Europe (4 Polish and 12 from abroad)
  5. Closure of the participants list – 30.06.2018
  6. The detailed schedule of the games will be sent to the clubs until 31.08.2018.
  7. The tournament will be played in 4 sport halls (wooden floor)
  8. Matches and the entire tournament will be played according to official FIBA Europe basketball regulations.
  9. Chosen group games, quarterfinal, semifinals and the final game will be transmitted online on YouTube canal.
  10. It is possible to receive recording of the game on the CD, at the coach request.
  11. Matches will be referee by the top class referees from all over the world participating at the same time in pre-season camp.
  12. The tournament is scheduled to be regular one in second or third week of September in the U-16 category.
  13. In all cases not covered by this guide, decisions are taken by the tournament’s General Manager.

Tournament system:

First  group round:

The teams will be divided into 4 groups (A, B, C, D) with 4 teams in each group

Group A  Group B Group C Group D
1. A-1 1. B-1 1. C-1 1. D-1
2. A-2 2. B-2 2. C-2 2. D-2
3. A-3 3. B-3 3. C-3 3. D-3
4. A-4 4. B-4 4. C-4 4. D-4

Round robin scheduling

Each team will play three matches in the group phase

Second round for places I-VIII (teams which finish group phase on places 1-2)

  1. Match No 25: A1-B2
  2. Match No 26: A2-B1
  3. Match No 27: C1-D2
  4. Match No 28: C2-D1
  5. Match No 29: Winner of match 25 – Winner of match 27
  6. Match No 30: Winner of match 26 – Winner of match 28
  7. Match No 31: Loser of match 25 – Loser of match 27
  8. Match No 32: Loser of match 26 – Loser of match 28
  9. Match No 33 (for VII place): Loser of match 31 – Loser of match 32
  10. Match No 34 (for V place): Winner of match 31 – Winner of match 32
  11. Match No 35 (for III place): Loser of match 29 – Loser of match 30
  12. Match No 36 (for I place): Winner of match 29 – Winner of match 30

Second round for places IX-XVI (teams which finish group phase on places 3-4)

  1. Match No 37: A3-B4
  2. Match No 38: A4-B3
  3. Match No 39: C3-D4
  4. Match No 40: C4-D3
  5. Match No 41: Winner of match 37 – Winner of match 39
  6. Match No 42: Winner of match 38 – Winner of match 39
  7. Match No 43: Loser of match 37 – Loser of match 39
  8. Match No 44: Loser of match 38 – Loser of match 40
  9. Match No 45 (for XV place): Loser of match 43 – Loser of match 44
  10. Match No 46 (for XIII place): Winner of match 43 – Winner of match 44
  11. Match No 47 (for XI place): Loser of match 41 – Loser of match 42
  12. Match No 48 (for IX place): Winner of match 41 – Winner of match 42

Each team will play 6 matches during the tournament

Registration for the tournament:

    1. Registration for the tournament is held exclusively on the official application form which is accessible on the tournament website in the period from 15.05.2018 to 11.06.2018.
    2. Decision about acceptance to the tournament will be made on the base of team sport level and registration order by the organizer.
    3. In the case of prior registration of the expected number of participants, the organizer reserves the right to shorten the deadline for applications.
    4. The application form should be sent to this e-mail address:



    1. As confirmation of your registration for the tournament you must pay a deposit to the bank account indicated by the organizer in amount of:
      1000 PLN
      250 €
    2. The deposit will be returned to the club in full within 7 days after the end of the tournament, or at the request of the club it shall be credited against the entry fee for the tournament.
    3. Deposit must be paid within 14 days of the written application, deadline – 30.06.2018 to the account:

    KS Rosasport

    26-600 Radom, ul. Ptasia 14

    Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A. (BPS S.A.)

    00-844 Warsaw

    Grzybowska 81 str.


    IBAN: PL36193018712370034764910002 EUR

    36193018712370034764910001 PLN 

    1. In the event of failure to pay the deposit within the above time the club’s written application shall be considered null and void (deletion from the list of participants).
    2. In the event of non-acceptance of the team for the tournament due to exceeding the number of the accepted teams, the deposit will be returned to the club in its entirety.
    3. On the request of the club we can put out the partial invoice (for the amount of deposit) or after the end of the tournament for the blanket costs (after providing us all needed detail of the club for invoice).
    4. The organizer will send final confirmation of acceptance for the tournament after receiving both the application on the application form and the deposit.
    5. All costs of the tournament shall be paid to the above bank account by 09.2018 at the latest.
    6. In the event of resignation from the participation in the tournament before 15 July 2018, the deposit will be refunded in the amount of 50%.
    7. In case of resignation after 15 July 2018, deposit will not be refunded.
    8. 4 Polish teams and 12 teams from abroad will be qualified for the tournament, with the reservation that each country is represented by 1-2 teams.
    9. If more teams from one country are declared, the organizer will qualify only 1-2 teams from the country. The sport level and the time of admission will be taken into account.
    10. In case of fewer applications for the tournament than the planed number of teams, more teams from one country can participate. The admission will be decided by the organizer.


  1. Memorial tournament shirts for each team member (15 shirts for a team)
  2. Useful gadget for each coach
  3. Diplomas and cups for places I-IV
  4. Diplomas for places V-XVI
  5. Statuettes and individual prizes for “All-star 5” of the tournament.
  6. Individual prize for the best player in each team.
  7. Statuette and individual prize for MVP of the tournament
  8. Individual prize for the best scorer of the tournament.

Participation costs (travel, accommodation, meals, on-site transfers):

  1. Participants are responsible for paying their own travel costs
  2. The organizer provides transfer of teams from Warsaw airport and from railway or bus station to Radom and after tournament from Radom to Warsaw.
  3. Entry fee for the tournament (for entire team – max. 15 persons) is:
    3000 PLN
    720 €
  4. The registration fee guarantees:
    Accommodation in student residence halls (4 nights)
    Full board:
  • 12 September – supper
  • 13, 14, 15 September – breakfast, lunch, supper

16 September – breakfast, lunch
Transfer of teams between the student residence halls sports halls, if there is no means of transport.

In case of more than 15 team members, the fee is:

100 PLN/person/day

25 €/person/day

  1. Person to contact in each tournament maters
  2. Robert Bartkiewicz – General Manager of the Tournament



mobile: +48 507 114 090

Other attractions:

    1. During the tournament coaches clinic will take place – 15.09.2018 – Saturday.

    (3 lectures on youth training led by outstanding, well-known coaches).

    1. Integration meeting of coaches – 13.09.2018 (Thursday)
    2. The possibility of using the fitness club (sauna) in PopGym Club
    3. The possibility of using the Radom Aquapark “Neptun”.